ODI - Reverse-engineering

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This article groups all article about Reverse-engineering as for instance for Oracle.


If the reverse says it has completed but not all the dimensions in the datastore have been populated, just run the reverse again.

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ODI - Reverse Knowmledge Module (RKM)

RKM (Reverse Knowledge Modules) are used to perform a customized reverse-engineering of data models for a specific technology.
Card Puncher Data Processing
ODI - Reverse engineering Salesforce

Reverse engineering to retrieve the tables, views, system tables and columns from Salesforce. Version In topology, import the salesforce.com technologie if not present : TECH_Salesforce.com.xml...
Odi Oracle Reverse Def
ODI - Reverse-engineering Oracle

for Oracle create a context create a physical data server and its physical schema create (if not define in the physical schema) a logical schema You have two type (two ways) to reverse...

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