ODI - Journalizing Knowledge Module (JKM)

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Jkm is a Knowledge Module

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Odi Work Schema
ODI - CDC Journalizing Infrastructure

When the journals are started, the journalizing infrastructure (if not installed yet) is deployed or updated. When the journalizing knowledge module creates triggers, they are installed on the tables...
Odi Km Import
ODI - Knowledge Module (KM)

Oracle Data Integrator uses knowledge modules to define methods related to a given technology. Knowledge Modules are scripted modules that contain database and application-specific patterns. These modules...
Odi Jkm Oracle
ODI - Setting up Journalizing/CDC

This is the basic process for setting up CDC on an Oracle Data Integrator data model. Each of these steps is described in more detail below. Set the CDC parameters Add the datastores to the CDC ...
Odi Designer Execute On
ODI - Staging Area (or Work area)

ODI Knowledge Modules often use temporary objects to: stage temporary data for jobs optimization. execute some rules ... These temporary objects are always stored in a particular schema or directory...

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