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How to debug an interface ?

  • The trick is here is to use an rdbms logical schema as the staging area (e.g. sql server, oracle).
  • Set the interface not to delete the temporary target.
  • Run the interface, the first step will be to created a temporary table in the staging area

The table should start C$

The data from the file will be loaded into the temporary table and then loaded in the target table.

Have a look at your temporary table, does it contain all the records from the table? no, then you will need to check in the directory where the file is and there should be some rejected records.

If it does contain the same records in the temporary table as the file, then check the operator to see the sql generated to load from staging to target, you can run this sql to check and analyze why all the records are not being pulled through.

If records have been rejected from your source file you should have .error and .bad file In the .error it should have the reasons why they were rejected e.g. Line 5: String is too long

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