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Data servers describe connections to your actual physical application servers and databases. They can represent for example:

  • An Oracle Instance,
  • A File System,
  • An XML File,
  • A Desktop database such as Microsoft Excel Workbook,
  • an application such as SAP or Salesforce
  • JMS server instance,
  • a scripting engine

Under this data server, subdivisions called Physical Schemas are created.

Recommendation: if you have a single system (Oracle, …), only one data server must be created. Having 2 data servers defined pointing to a single physical data server may cause extra loading phases that are not needed

Creating a Data Server

Naming convention

Oracle recommand that you prefix any data server name with the technology it belongs to. The name should be a meaningful name such as the one used usually to reference this server. Put the name in uppercase.



Connection user

Some privileges are required when you run knowledge module. You must refer to the requirement section of the description.

Example with a RKM Oracle

	Required privileges for the connection user: SELECT on any dictionnary view ALL_* (eg. ALL_TABLES)

Then you must give it:

 grant select any dictionary to ODI;
For Oracle

An Oracle Data Server corresponds to an Oracle Database Instance connected with a specific Oracle user account. This User will have access to several schemas in this instance, corresponding to the Physical Schemas in Oracle Data Integrator created under the data server.

Get your connection parameters and populate the windows with this values.

Odi Topology Create Data Server

You can test your connection using a pure JDBC client such as Squirrel-sql which is shipped and installed by default with ODI

The test button is only to test JDBC connections and will then fail for products like essbase/planning.

When you create a data server, the physical schema windows appear automatically.

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