Data Quality - Name and Address Management and Cleansing


Geocoding is an important part of the name and address management and sometimes the same with the only difference that Geocoding don't care of the standardization of the name.

Name and Address Cleansing

Name and address cleansing is a group of transformations performed on data containing individual and business names, as well as domestic and foreign addresses, for the purpose of improving the quality of data. Such transformations are usually referred to as parsing, standardization, correction, and augmentation.

  • Name/address parsing is the breakdown of non-discrete input into discrete name or address components.
  • Name/address standardization is the modification of components to a standard version acceptable to a postal service or suitable for record matching. For example ‘Street’ and ‘Str’ are standardized to ‘St’.
  • Postal correction involves matching an input address with postal database entries to verify and/or correct an address.
  • Augmentation adds derived information to the data, such as gender based on name, or collection of census, and geo-location data.


Name and Address parsing, like any other type of parsing, depends on identification of keywords and patterns containing those keywords for instance :

  • Streets
    • Building numbers
    • Building names
    • Post boxes
    • Street names
    • Street junctions
    • Industrial Zones
    • Route Numbers (i.e.: major roads)
  • Areas
    • Multiple areas
  • Postcode



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