Spatial - Geocoding

Data System Architecture

Spatial - Geocoding


Use a geocoding solution to return the necessary geographic data you need to:

  • Data Security Information filter on the coordinates
  • Provide customers with the closest dealer or store location.
  • Pinpoint customer locations and clusters
  • Define sales and marketing territories
  • Enhance target marketing by linking to Bureau demographic data for profiling and segmentation

Google Example

In this example, I will search the correct address for my office. I put only the number and the street : Grote Wade 40 (Grote+Wade+40)

And you obtain a kml file (xml) :

    <name>Grote Wade 40</name>
    <Placemark id="p1">
      <address>Grote Wade 40, 3439 Nieuwegein, The Netherlands</address>
      <AddressDetails Accuracy="8">
          <CountryName>The Netherlands</CountryName>
                    <ThoroughfareName>Grote Wade 40</ThoroughfareName>

   <LatLonBox north="52.0500308" south="52.0437356" east="5.1149393" west="5.1086441"/>


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