Spatial - Geolocalization (from IP,..)

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Spatial - Geolocalization (from IP,..)


Geolocalization is possible from a remote client IP such as the X_REAL_IP IP of HTTP


By providing an Ip address, you can get this kind of information

"geoip": {
    "timezone" : "Europe/Moscow",
    "ip" : "",
    "latitude" : 55.7485,
    "longitude" : 37.6184
    "continent_code" : "EU",
    "city_name" : "Moscow",
    "country_name" : "Russia",
    "country_code2" : "RU",
    "country_code3" : "RU",
    "region_name" : "Moscow",
    "postal_code" : "101194",
    "region_code" : "MOW"



A number of companies provide geolocation services, including 1)

  • Abstract
  • Fastah API on AWS Marketplace
  • GeoIP by MaxMind
  • IP2Location
  • ipapi by Kloudend
  • Ipregistry
  • Neustar


A browser may deliver the gelocation.

Example: Fake the location for the geolocation API used by the browsers with pupetteer

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