Data Quality - Glossary


data quality glossary


Subject population, data set : They are two words that you can find to design the master data which are studied

Master data : Master data is another term for reference data, which is descriptive data about a business subject area (like customer). Master data typically exists on many systems and is used by multiple business organizations.

Master data management (MDM) : The sanctioned set of disciplines, methods, and technology necessary to maintain the meaning, currency, and quality of a company's reference data that is shared across systems and organizations. To know more, see Master Data Management (MDM)

Data governance : The decision-making framework and processes that define policies, allocate resources, and measure results to ensure that shared data is managed and deployed to support business needs.

Data quality: The processes and technologies involved in ensuring the conformance of data values to business requirements and acceptance criteria.

Business Intelligence (BI): Business intelligence enables business users to report or analyze data for the purpose of supporting business decisions. In the context of this survey, BI may also refer to your company's internal BI organization or program.

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