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Fusion Middleware Control is a browser-based tool and the recommended method for monitoring, managing, and configuring Oracle Business Intelligence components.

Fusion Middleware Control is used principally for managing the system components of a BI domain and provides support for the following:

Fusion Middleware Control also provides access to Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console, where you monitor and manage Oracle Business Intelligence Java components.

How to

log in

To log in to Fusion Middleware Control, enter the URL: http://host1.example.com:7001/em

manage Java components

On the WebLogic Domain page, you can monitor status and start and stop Oracle Business Intelligence Java components (Admin Server and Managed Servers).

To go to the WebLogic Domain page

  • Log in to Fusion Middleware Control.
  • Expand the WebLogic Domain folder and select the bifoundation_domain node. Fusion Middleware Control displays the bifoundation_domain page.

You can also display the WebLogic Server Administration Console (using a link on the bifoundation_domain Summary page), where you can manage Oracle Business Intelligence Java components.

  • Application Deployments shows all the applications (java component) that are deployed into the BI domain (for example, analytics, Oracle Business Intelligence Add-in for Microsoft Office, Oracle BI Publisher, and Oracle Real-Time Decisions).
  • WebLogic Domain. To administer Oracle WebLogic Server where the sub-node bifoundation_domain represents the WebLogic domain for Oracle Business Intelligence with an AdminServer node that contains the Administration Server and a bi_cluster node that contains Managed Servers (a single node cluster by default).
  • Business Intelligence > coreapplication represents the Oracle Business Intelligence system components.
  • Metadata Repositories represents the Metadata Services (MDS) schema repositories

Documentation / Reference

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