OBIEE 11G - Scaling

Obi Edition


Software Design - Scalability (Scale Up|Out) in a OBIEE environment.

The three system components that support both horizontal and vertical scale-out are:

  • Oracle BI Presentation Services,
  • the Oracle BI Server,
  • and the JavaHost.

There is no need to scale out either Oracle BI Scheduler or the Cluster Controller because:

  • Oracle BI Scheduler uses Presentation Services and Oracle BI Server processes to perform computationally intense work on its behalf,
  • The Cluster Controller only manages other components and does not itself do any computationally intense work.

You can distribute these two processes as needed for high availability deployments, but they do not need to be scaled for capacity.

Scale out:

based on observed load.

You can use the performance metrics to monitor process state and to determine when you must increase capacity to improve performance. For example, you might want to add an additional computer to the deployment when CPU usage is over 50%, or when memory use is close to the system limit.

Scaling Horizontal

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