OBIEE 10g - Oracle BI Open Intelligence Interface (ODBC and JDBC) client connectivity

1 - About

Some sites use third-party analytical tools, such as spreadsheets and databases, which require connectivity to the Oracle BI Server (ie the BI Server becomes a data source)

The Oracle BI Open Intelligence Interface (ODBC and JDBC) client connectivity are a means of distributing client connectivity to these remote clients that cannot otherwise access Oracle BI.

Using the Oracle Business Intelligence installer, only the Open Intelligence Interface ODBC, JDBC connectivity client and the utilities NQClient.exe and NQCMD.exe are installed.

The installer includes a silent mode option to automatically install the Open Intelligence Interface ODBC client on the remote machine.

3 - Components

The Open Intelligence Interface installer installs the following components to remote client machines:

and this file structure:

  • OracleBI Directory
  • jdbc
  • server\Bin
  • server\Document
  • server\Locale
  • server\Log
  • uninstall\_jvm\bin\client
  • OracleBIData Directory
  • tmp (folder is empty)

4 - Installation

To install it, in the folder Client_Ancillary\Oracle_Business_Intelligence_Open_Intelligence_Interface, click setup.exe.

5 - Documentation / Reference

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