OBIEE - Logical level


The Logical level or level are the key level of the hierarchy and defines the grain of each table (logical table) (Fact as Dim) when set in the content tab.


The level key:

  • defines the unique elements in each logical level
  • and must be present on each level except the topmost level defined as a Grand Total level

Primary Key

The primary Key is a key and must:


Rule: Each logical level Description
Should have a display key Each logical level should have one level key that will be displayed when an Answers or Intelligence Dashboard user clicks to drill down. This may or may not be the primary key of the level.
Must be unique Be careful using level keys such as Month whose domain includes values January, February, and so on—values that are not unique to a particular month, repeating every year. To define Month as a level key, you also need to include an attribute from a higher level into the key, for example, Year.

Dimension table logical key

The dimension logical table key has to be associated with the lowest level of a dimension and has to be the level key for that level.


nQSError: 15031 - The dimension table source has a non-interpretable aggregate content

[nQSError: 15001] Could not load navigation space for subject area Test.
[nQSError: 15031] The dimension table source  has a non-interpretable aggregate content specification, 
possibly caused by missing columns or keys.

Be sure that the level you defined for the logical table source has a key defined.

Documentation / Reference

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