OBIEE - Database Object


The database object in the physical layer of the three-layer metadata model.




Database define the default features of the database.

Virtual Private Database

The virtual Private Database check box identifies the physical database source as a virtual private database (VPD). When a VPD is used, returned data results are contingent on the user's authorization credentials. Therefore, it is important to identify these sources. These data results affect the validity of the query result set that is used with caching.

Virtual Private Database specify that the data source is using row-level database security. If you are using row-level database security with shared caching, then you must select this option to prevent the sharing of cache entries whose security-sensitive variables do not match.

Persist Connection Pool

A persist connection pool is a database property that is used for specific types of queries (typically used to support Marketing queries).

In some queries, all of the logical query cannot be sent to the transactional database because that database might not support all of the functions in the query. This issue might be solved by:

  1. temporarily constructing a physical table in the database
  2. and rewriting the Oracle BI Server query to reference the new temporary physical table.

Allow populate queries by default

When selected, allows everyone to execute POPULATE SQL. (When a criteria block is cached, the Populate stored procedure writes the Cache/Saved Result Set value to the database).

If you want most, but not all, users to be able to execute POPULATE SQL, deselect this option and then limit queries for specific users or groups.

Allow direct database requests by default

When selected, allows all users to execute physical queries. See OBIEE 10G/11G - Direct Database Request


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