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An opaque view is in the physical layer a physical table that consists of a Select statement .

In the repository, opaque views appear as tables in the physical layer but the view does not actually exist.

Obiee Opaque View

How to deploy an opaque view?

You deploy an opaque view in the physical database using the Deploy View(s) utility.

Obiee Deploy View

After deploying an opaque view, it is called a deployed view. Opaque views can be used without deploying them but the Oracle BI Server has to generate a more complex query when an opaque view is encountered.

Databases such as XLS and nonrelational database do not support opaque views and, therefore, cannot run the view deployment utility.

To verify opaque views are supported by a database, make sure that the CREATE_VIEW_SUPPORTED SQL feature is selected in the Database dialog box, in the Features tab.

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