OBIEE - nqgenoldverrpd (Repository Downgrade)


Repository Downgrade utility.


    [-P repository_password] 
    -I input_repository_pathname
    -O output_repository_pathname 
    -V version 

where the option:

  • P is the repository password
  • I is the path to the original repository
  • O is the path to the created repository
  • V is the downgrade version (302 and beyond)
  • F will force the clearing of expressions that cannot be downgraded. This will not work for expressions in Logical Table Sources, Complex Joins, and Privilege Packages.
  • h will show the help

If the database types and call interface types are not allowed in the specified version, they will be changed to the default type(ODBC 2.0) in the generated repository.


nqgenoldverrpd -P Admin123 -I monitoring.rpd -O monitoring320.rpd -V 320
Reading monitoring.rpd...
Generating monitoring320.rpd of version 320...Done!!!

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