OBIEE - Join


This article talk about the SQL joins in OBIEE.

You have two ways to define a join in OBIEE:

Special OBIEE join

Stitch join

OBIEE can perform internal join in its memory. This in-memory joins are called stitch join.


A multi-database join (or cross-database) is defined as a table under one metadata database object that joins to a table under a different database object in the physical layer.

You need to specify multi-database joins to combine the data from different databases.

The joins can be between tables in any databases, regardless of the database type, and are performed within the Oracle BI Server (known as stitch join)

While the Oracle BI Server has several strategies for optimizing the performance of multi-database joins, multi-database joins will be significantly slower than joins between tables within the same database. It is recommended to avoid them whenever possible.

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