OBIEE - Repository Permission

Bi Server Architecture With Client

Presentation Layer Object

In online mode in the Administration Tool

  • Right-click on a presentation layer object (Subject Area, Column,…)
  • Select 'Properties'
  • Go to the 'General' tab
  • Click 'Permissions'
  • Check on 'Show all users/application roles'
  • Click 'Set online user filter'
  • Enter the wildcard character “*” and click 'OK'
  • All users are listed and permissions can now be set per user.


  • Read. Only allows read access to this object.
  • Read/Write. Provides both read and write access to this object.
  • No Access. Explicitly denies all access to this object.
  • Default. The permission is inherited from the parent object. For subject areas, because they are a top-level object, Default is equivalent to the permission granted to the AuthenticatedUser application role.

Documentation / Reference

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