1 - About

The TopN function in OBIEE permit to perform a TopN analysis.

The TOPN function operates on the values returned in the result set.

When you add it as a formula column in an answer, the data are automatically filtered. You don't need to add a special topN filter.

3 - Syntax

TOPN (n_expression, n)


  • n_expression is any expression that evaluates to a numerical value.
  • n. The N of TopN which is any positive integer. It Represents the top number of rankings displayed in the result set, 1 being the highest rank.
A query can contain only one TOPN expression.

4 - Example

4.1 - TopN for the whole rapport

4.2 - TopN by section

TOPN("Sales Measures".Dollars, 5 by Markets.Region)

4.3 - The N as parameter

Just create a dashboard prompt with the help of a presentation column with the number data type to set up a presentation variable and change:

  • the formula column

TOPN("Sales Measures".Dollars,@{MyPresentationVariable}{5} by Markets.Region)

TOPN("Sales Measures".Dollars,@{MyPresentationVariable}{5} by Markets.Region) <= @{MyPresentationVariable}{5}

5 - Documentation / Reference

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