Weblogic - (System|Non-java) components (Managed Services)


System components are non-J2EE components, such as processes and services written in C++ and J2SE.

They are not deployed in a Java application container.

BI System Component

The following are Business Intelligence (OBIEE) system components:

  • Business Intelligence Cluster Controller. This components distributes requests to the BI Server, ensuring requests are evenly load-balanced across all BI Server process instances in the BI domain.
  • Business Intelligence Java Host. This component provides component services that enable Oracle BI Presentation Services to support various components such as Java tasks for Oracle BI Scheduler, Oracle BI Publisher, and graph generation.

Administration Tools

Fusion Middleware Control is the recommended approach for starting, stopping, and viewing the status of components. However, following a reboot on Linux you must use the opmnctl start, or startall command.

How to


the system component (services)


On Windows

On Windows, the Oracle Business Intelligence system components are controlled by the Oracle Process Manager (OPMN) Windows Service.

The bi_server1 (Managed Server) must be running before you can start OPMN.

on Linux

You can configure OPMN to start Oracle Business Intelligence system components automatically when a Linux operating system starts, and to stop when the operating system shuts down. To configure OPMN to start and stop automatically on Linux, you must include the following commands in the OPMN startup or shutdown scripts respectively:

daemon <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/bin ./opmnctl startall
daemon <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/bin ./opmnctl stopall


from EM

  • Expand 'Business Intelligence' node on the left and choose Coreapplication.
  • Click on the Overview Tab,
  • Click on blue button “Restart” (or green button “Start”) under the Manage System category, middle of screen,
  • Click yes on dialog box to confirm the move. Wait for message that confirms successful restart.

If starting using EM is not successful and complaining about OPMNCTL not up, please follow starting process with OPMNCTL.


Open a command prompt, navigate to \InstallHome\instances\instance1\bin

Depending on your need, run

  • “opmnctl status“, this will show you status of all the OBIEE core services
  • “opmnctl startall” or “opmnctl stopall”
  • run “opmnctl startproc ias-component= <component_name>”

The details of this command can be found here: Weblogic - OPMN (Opmnctl) - System component manager

E:\MiddelwareHome\instances\instance1\bin>opmnctl status

Processes in Instance: instance1
ias-component                    | process-type       |     pid | status
coreapplication_obiccs1          | OracleBIClusterCo~ |    4396 | Alive
coreapplication_obisch1          | OracleBIScheduler~ |    4996 | Alive
coreapplication_obijh1           | OracleBIJavaHostC~ |    4212 | Alive
coreapplication_obips1           | OracleBIPresentat~ |    3688 | Alive
coreapplication_obis1            | OracleBIServerCom~ |    4868 | Alive

monitor them

You can monitor them with the FMW console.

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