Weblogic - Java Components


A Oracle Fusion Middleware Java component is deployed as:

  • one or more Java EE applications
  • and a set of resources.

Java components are deployed to an Oracle WebLogic Server domain as part of a domain template. For Oracle BI, see the BI Domain

They can be contained in:

You can monitor them with the Administration Console

Contains in the


Java components contained in the AdminServer are Administrative Components for managing all configuration and run-time settings for Oracle Business Intelligence. Specifically the Administration Server contains the following:

Managed Server

 Java components contained in the Managed Server:

This component provides the dedicated Web services that are required by the Action Framework and that enable an administrator to manually configure which Web service directories can be browsed by users when they create actions.

  • Oracle BI SOA Services — This component provides dedicated Web services for objects in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog, to invoke analyses, agents, and conditions. They make it easy to invoke Oracle Business Intelligence functionality from Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) processes.
  • Business Intelligence Search
  • Oracle Web Service Manager
  • Oracle Real-Time Decisions (Oracle RTD) — provides enterprise analytics software solutions that enable companies to make better decisions in real time at key, high-value points in operational business processes.
  • Answers Mapviewer
  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • Oracle BI Office — integration between Oracle Business Intelligence and Microsoft Office products.
  • Oracle BI Security Services — provides dedicated Web services that enable the integration of the Oracle BI Server with the Oracle Fusion Middleware security platform.
  • Oracle BI Plugin — A JEE application that routes HTTP and SOAP requests to Oracle BI Presentation Services.


All Oracle Business Intelligence products intended for a WebLogic domain must be installed and configured at the same time.

You cannot install some products and then install others to the same WebLogic domain later.

The JEE Java Components are managed by:

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