Weblogic - Version

1 - About

How to get the installed weblogic version ?

3 - How to check the weblogic version

3.1 - with the .product.properties

To check the version of weblogic, you can open the file In the directory MiddelwareHome\wlserver_10.3\.product.properties and verify the property WLS_PRODUCT_VERSION.

$ cat $FMW_HOME/wlserver_10.3/.product.properties|grep WLS_PRODUCT

3.2 - with the weblogic console

with the console:

3.3 - with the weblogic domain general information

3.4 - with WLST

By checking the version WLST variable

wls:/bifoundation_domain/serverConfig> print version
WebLogic Server  Tue Nov 15 08:52:36 PST 2011 1441050

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