Weblogic - Upgrade/Patch


How to patch/upgrade weblogic ?


Download the Upgrade Installers for Oracle WebLogic Server

Quick Way

Search for the term “10.3.6” (the target version) and select the article with this kind of description : PLACEHOLDER BUG FOR WEBLOGIC SERVER UPGRADE INSTALLER

Complete Way

The description for an upgrade installer patch includes the text WEBLOGIC SERVER UPGRADE INSTALLER.

Backup and services

  • Backup all (Middleware Home, Domain Home and Oracle Instances)
  • Stops all server and process
net stop "beasvc bifoundation_domain_bi_server1" -- weblogic bi server
net stop "beasvc bifoundation_domain_AdminServer" -- weblogic Admin server

Verify that the process (beasvc.exe, …) are not running.

Perform the Upgrade for the version

  • Download the Upgrade Installers (For Windows 32 bit, patch 12395560)
    • 10.3.5: For Windows 32 bit, patch 12395560
    • 10.3.6: For windows 32 bit: Patch 13529639
  • Run the Upgrade installer in graphical mode to patch your WebLogic Server.

Post-installation task

Change the HOME of the domain

From the file MiddelwareHome\user_projects\domains\yourDomain\bin\setDomainEnv, change the following home


to reflect the new parameters.

For OBIEE, yourDomain is equal to bifoundation_domain

Example for the version 10.3.5:

set BEA_JAVA_HOME=E:\MiddelwareHome\jrockit_160_24_D1.1.2-4

set SUN_JAVA_HOME=E:\MiddelwareHome\jdk160_24

if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Oracle" (
) else (
	if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Sun" (
	) else (
		set JAVA_VENDOR=Oracle
		set JAVA_HOME=E:\MiddelwareHome\jrockit_160_24_D1.1.2-4

Documentation / Reference

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