(Fusion Middelware|Weblogic|OPMN) - Directory Structure and Home

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A typical Fusion Middelware installation installation consists of:

  • a Fusion Middleware home directory and subdirectories:
    • a weblogic server home
    • an oracle common
    • an (application|Oracle) home (BI, SOA, …)
    • a user project

The following illustration shows the basic Middleware home and Middleware products directory structure.

Fusion Middelware Dir Structure

Home Description Example
middelware_home the base directory of a middelware C:\Middelware
oracle_home the generic application home MIDDELWARE_HOME\Oracle_BI1 for a BI Application
oracle_instance the instance location for OBI: MIDDELWARE_HOME\instances\instance1
ORACLE_DOMAIN the domain home location for OBI: MIDDELWARE_HOME\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain



A (WebLogic) Middleware home is a container for:


A Middleware home can reside:

  • on a local file system
  • or on a remote shared disk that is accessible through a network file system.


The basic subdirectories are:

  • wlserver_10.3: The WebLogic Server home
  • oracle_home: The Oracle Home (Oracle BI Home for an Oracle BI Installation)
  • oracle_common: The Oracle Common Home contains the common binary and library files.


The WebLogic Server home, which contains Java components, one Administration Server, and one or more Managed Servers.


Each Oracle Fusion Middleware product must be installed in its own Oracle home location.

The Oracle Home contains binary and library files of a fusion middelware application.


The BI Oracle home designs the oracle home for the application Oracle BI.

The BI Oracle home can be associated with multiple Oracle WebLogic Server domains.

The default value is:



The Oracle Common Home contains the binary and library files required for Fusion Middleware Control and Java Required Files (JRF). There can be only one Oracle Common home within each Middleware home.


The User Projects directory contains product domains (one or more domains per Fusion Middelware Software Application).

The user_projects directory is not present until the first WebLogic domain is created.


The instance home location.


It can reside anywhere; it need not be within the Middleware home directory.

OBIEE Directory Structure

Oracle Business Intelligence requires a Middleware home with Oracle WebLogic Server on your system. If your system does not already have Oracle WebLogic Server, you can install it in a new Middleware Home directory.

Obiee11g Directory Structure

Documentation / Reference

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