Weblogic - OracleSystemUser

1 - About

Oracle application software system user.

This user is created to facilitate installation of an upper-layer product on WLS (e.g. SOA, UCM, EM). OracleSystemUser is not a member of any of the default groups or roles so it does not have access to the WLS resources and hence should not be a vulnerability.

3 - Password

The password of the user is same as the password for user weblogic which was created during domain creation. It can be changed from the console.

4 - LDAP Configuration

4.1 - Defaultauthenticator + Extern LDAP

OracleSystemUser is in the weblogic Defaultauthenticator (which is provided by default), so if you use the LDAP + defaultauthenticator then you don't need to create this user in the LDAP.

4.2 - Extern LDAP

If you decide only to use the LDAP, then you will need to use exactly the names mentioned in the documentation (OracleSystemUser / OracleSystemGroup ) See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/install.1111/e13925/configure.htm#INSOA212

If you are configuring the application against an external LDAP server, make sure the following are present in the external LDAP server:

  • OracleSystemUser (a user in the external LDAP server)
  • OracleSystemGroup (a group in the external LDAP server)
  • OracleSystemUser must be a part of the OracleSystemGroup

5 - Documentation / Reference

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