(Weblogic|FMW) - Execution Context ID (ECID)


When log entries for error messages and warnings are generated across multiple log files, they can be difficult to trace. However, it is possible to view logging information for specific user transactions across multiple log files. Transaction level logging associates a unique transaction ID, which is called the Execution Context ID (ECID), with every log and error message that is generated in response to a user request. This logging enables rapid diagnosis of the cause of underlying issues.

However, some messages in the log (for example system messages for server startup or shutdown) do not have a transactional attribute. All log messages that are related to client requests do have a transactional attribute.

After clicking on the log viewer link (see picture below), you can view messages by ECID: Click View Related Messages and select the by ECID (Execution Context ID) menu option.

How to

get it from BI Server ?

By calling the function NQSGetSessionValues, you can get the system session variable CONTEXT_ID


disable/enable it

Documentation / Reference

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