Weblogic - Server

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A server is a JEE container that runs in a dedicated Java virtual machine that provides the run-time environment for the Java-based services and applications within the system.

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Weblogic - Managed Server

The Managed Servers is a server in a cluster (single node cluster by default) and contains non administrative java components. An Oracle BI domain contains one or more Managed Servers that are distributed...
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Weblogic - Administration Server

The central control entity of a domain which maintains the domain's configuration objects and distributes configuration changes to Managed Servers. The Administration server is a Server that contains...
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Weblogic - Cluster

A collection of multiple WebLogic Server instances running simultaneously and working together.
Weblogic Architecture Domain
Weblogic - Domain

An Oracle WebLogic Server administration domain is a logically related group of Java components: the Administration Server that you use for configuration and management purposes only. and the Managed...

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