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Installation steps for the sample app versie V107.

The files

To unzip, use:

  • 7-zip (on windows)
  • or unzip command (on Linux)
$ cat* >
$ dir
$ unzip

After successful unzipping of install files, you will have the following sub-directories and files under the installation folder named “SampleApp_10722”.

  • 1.) Actions
  • 2.) Core
  • 3.) DataSources
  • 4.) Essbase
  • 5.) Others
  • 6.) installSA.bat
  • 7.)

InstallSa script

In installSa file (.bat, set the variable:

  • OBIEE_INSTALL_HOME to the Fusion Middleware home
  • OBIEE_INSTANCE to the name of you instance (standard=instance1


#--------------------Set env variables--------------------
#IMPORTANT: Key in correct values for the following environment variables


Obiee 11g Sample App Installsa

The errors

The errors come from the fact that no directory analytics_11.1.1 exists in the directory _WL_USER.

This is because the installation is of type Enterprise and not Simple. In the case of an Enterprise installation, the path must go in the bi_server1 and not in the adminserver.

Copy the file installSA, rename it (for instance installSA_biserver) and in the copy file section, leave only the below commands:

echo "[INFO] Copying files for Actions"
cp -rf $SA_INSTALL_DIR/Actions/CommentaryArtifacts/*.gif $OBIEE_INSTALL_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/analytics_11.1.1/7dezjl/war/res/b_mozilla/actions
cp -rf $SA_INSTALL_DIR/Actions/CommentaryArtifacts/*.gif $OBIEE_INSTALL_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/analytics_11.1.1/7dezjl/war/res/s_blafp/images

cp -rf $SA_INSTALL_DIR/Actions/CommentaryArtifacts/UserScripts.js $OBIEE_INSTALL_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/analytics_11.1.1/7dezjl/war/res/b_mozilla/actions
cp -rf $SA_INSTALL_DIR/Actions/CommentaryArtifacts/UserScripts.js $ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/web/app/res/b_mozilla/actions

And start the file:

$ chmod +x
$ ./

The database

If the schema exist, they must be dropped before importation.

Schema Password Remarks
BISAMPLE BISAMPLE Main schema that houses data for SampleApp analyses
OBIEE_NAVTEQ obiee_navteq NAVTEQ copyrighted data used for map views
BIFOD BIFOD OLTP 3NF model for FOD (Oracle Fusion Order Demo) data model.
BIBPM BIBPM BPM (SOA) Business Process Monitoring model to show how BIEE semantic layer can deliver analytics on BPM context
DEV_ODI_REPO DEV_ODI_REPO This supports the SampleApp Oracle Data Integrator content
ODI_STAGING ODI_STAGING This supports the SampleApp Oracle Data Integrator content

As sysdba, creation of the import directory:

create or replace directory datapumpdir as '/tmp/';

Get the version of the oracle database and replace it in the command line below

impdp "'"sys/Admin123@sampledb1 as sysdba"'" directory=datapumpdir dumpfile=SASchemas.dmp version= 

As sysdba:

alter user BISAMPLE identified by BISAMPLE;
alter user OBIEE_NAVTEQ identified by obiee_navteq;
alter user BIFOD identified by BIFOD;
alter user BIBPM identified by BIBPM;
alter user DEV_ODI_REPO identified by DEV_ODI_REPO;
alter user ODI_STAGING identified by ODI_STAGING;

As obiee_navteq/obiee_navteq

insert into user_sdo_maps select * from obiee_navteq.my_maps;
insert into user_sdo_themes select * from obiee_navteq.my_themes;
insert into user_sdo_styles select * from obiee_navteq.my_styles;
insert into user_sdo_cached_maps select * from obiee_navteq.my_tile_cache;


Importing User

BIEE installation to log in).

  • From home screen, click on Security Realms link.
  • Drill on the myrealm link
  • Go to the migration Tab > Import tab
  • Point the directory to Core\FMW_Users_Definition on the OBIEE server such as /tmp/FMW_Users_Definition
  • Click on Save and you must get as return message:
The security provider DefaultCredentialMapper successfully imported security data.
The security provider XACMLAuthorizer successfully imported security data.
The security provider XACMLRoleMapper successfully imported security data.
The security provider DefaultAuthenticator successfully imported security data.
Settings updated successfully.

  • Verify that you can see the new users (like abell, etc) created in the User and Group Tab. You should be able to login in OBIEE using any of this user using the password Admin123.

Passwords for all SampleApp users imported, as well as the RPD encryption password is uniquely set to : Admin123

AnalyticsRES and metadata

This step allows to point the Weblogic server to a file folder location for:

You have then to repeat two times this procedure.

  • Domain Structure > bifoundation_domain > Deployment > Install button
  • Locate deployment to install and prepare for deployment: Enter the path of the files > Next
Files for Location
Skin MiddelwareHome\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1 \analyticsRes
Metadata dictionary MiddelwareHome\instances\instance1\metadatadict

Obiee 11g Sample App Installation Analyticsres Firststep

  • Choose targeting style: Install this deployment as an application > Next
  • Select deployment targets: Choose bi_server1 as the deployment target > Next

Obiee 11g Sample App Insallation Analyticsres Target

  • Optional Settings: Select “I will make the deployment accessible from the following location” > Finish
  • Click on the Activate Change button
  • Start the (AnalyticsRes|metadatadict) WebApplication by selecting the application and choosing Start > Servicing all request


ORA-39142: incompatible version number 3.1

Import: Release - Production on Monday, 12 September, 2011 15:56:44

Copyright (c) 2003, 2007, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options
ORA-39001: invalid argument value
ORA-39000: bad dump file specification
ORA-39142: incompatible version number 3.1 in dump file "/tmp/sampleapp/SASchemas.dmp"

You need to have an Oracle Database 11gR2 to be able to import the dump file.

Documentation / Reference

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