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The presentation service has some presentation variables that are reserved to give specific information.

You can use them in your answer such as @{system.currentTime} to filter depending of the current time.

Be careful, the difference between upper and lowercase letter is important.



Scope Presentation Variable Example Description
system system.currentTime @{system.currentTime}
system system.productVersion @{system.productVersion}
session session.locale @{session.locale} = en-gb
session session.language @{session.language} = en
session session.rtl @{session.rtl} = false This indicates whether the language selection in the Login page is a right to left language. For example, if the language selection is Hebrew, then this variable returns true.
session session.loginTime @{session.loginTime} = 6/29/2009 7:12:01 PM
session session.logoutTime @{session.logoutTime } = 6/29/2009 8:02:01 PM
session session.lastAccessTime @{session.lastAccessTime} = 6/29/2009 7:35:59 PM
session session.currentUser 10g @{} or 11g @{session.currentUser} = administrator
session = $ English - United States 11g OBIEE 11G - Currency
session currency.symbol session.currency.symbol = $ 11g
session currency.userPreference session.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 2 11g
session session.timeZone @{session.timeZone}
session @{} = (GMT-06:00) Central America Returns a value that is not localized.
session @{} = (GMT-06:00) Central America Returns a value that is localized.
session session.timeZone.value @{session.timeZone.value} = (GMT-06:00) Central America Returns a value that is localized.
user user.homeDirectory @{user.homeDirectory} = /users/administrator
user @{} = administrator
user user.displayName @{user.displayName} = administrator
user dashboard.currentPage @{dashboard.currentPage} = test page name In 10G, Use instead and dashboard.currentPage.path
user dashboard.xml @{dashboard.xml} = the dashboard XML
dashboard currentPage dashboard.currentPage = page 1 11g
dashboard xml dashboard.xml = the dashboard XML 11g
dashboard = Euro 11g OBIEE 11G - Currency
dashboard dashboard.currency.symbol dashboard.currency.symbol = $ 11g
dashboard dashboard.currency.userPreference dashboard.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 1
dashboard dashboard.path dashboard.path = /users/administrator/_portal/Sales
dashboard = MyDashboard 11g
dashboard dashboard.caption dashboard.caption = Sales This returns the localized name of the dashboard.
dashboard dashboard.location @{dashboard.location} = Dashboard&PortalPath=/users/administrator/_portal 10g/11g - This returns the URL for the location.
dashboard dashboard.description dashboard.description = Sales by region and district 11g
dashboard = Administrator 11g
dashboard.currentPage = Sales page 1 10g/11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentPage.path dashboard.currentPage.path = /users/administrator/_portal/Sales/page 1 10G/11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentpage.currency. name = USD 11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentPage.currency.symbol dashboard.currentPage.currency. symbol = USD 11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentPage.currency.userPreference dashboard.currentPage.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 2
analysis = $ English - United States 11g
analysis report.currency.symbol report.currency.symbol = $ 11g
analysis report.currency.userPreference report.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 2 11g

You can modify locale variable with the go url and the dashboard url


Obiee Presentation Service System Variable

Dashboard Header

In the dashboard header, you will find also specific system presentation variables:



Obiee Dashboard Pdf And Print Control Properties

Documentation / Reference

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