OBIEE - Presentation Variable System (reserved variable)


The presentation service has some presentation variables that are reserved to give specific information.

You can use them in your answer such as @{system.currentTime} to filter depending of the current time.

Be careful, the difference between upper and lowercase letter is important.



Scope Presentation Variable Example Description
system system.currentTime @{system.currentTime}
system system.productVersion @{system.productVersion}
session session.locale @{session.locale} = en-gb
session session.language @{session.language} = en
session session.rtl @{session.rtl} = false This indicates whether the language selection in the Login page is a right to left language. For example, if the language selection is Hebrew, then this variable returns true.
session session.loginTime @{session.loginTime} = 6/29/2009 7:12:01 PM
session session.logoutTime @{session.logoutTime } = 6/29/2009 8:02:01 PM
session session.lastAccessTime @{session.lastAccessTime} = 6/29/2009 7:35:59 PM
session session.currentUser 10g @{} or 11g @{session.currentUser} = administrator
session = $ English - United States 11g OBIEE 11G - Currency
session currency.symbol session.currency.symbol = $ 11g
session currency.userPreference session.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 2 11g
session session.timeZone @{session.timeZone}
session @{} = (GMT-06:00) Central America Returns a value that is not localized.
session @{} = (GMT-06:00) Central America Returns a value that is localized.
session session.timeZone.value @{session.timeZone.value} = (GMT-06:00) Central America Returns a value that is localized.
user user.homeDirectory @{user.homeDirectory} = /users/administrator
user @{} = administrator
user user.displayName @{user.displayName} = administrator
user dashboard.currentPage @{dashboard.currentPage} = test page name In 10G, Use instead and dashboard.currentPage.path
user dashboard.xml @{dashboard.xml} = the dashboard XML
dashboard currentPage dashboard.currentPage = page 1 11g
dashboard xml dashboard.xml = the dashboard XML 11g
dashboard = Euro 11g OBIEE 11G - Currency
dashboard dashboard.currency.symbol dashboard.currency.symbol = $ 11g
dashboard dashboard.currency.userPreference dashboard.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 1
dashboard dashboard.path dashboard.path = /users/administrator/_portal/Sales
dashboard = MyDashboard 11g
dashboard dashboard.caption dashboard.caption = Sales This returns the localized name of the dashboard.
dashboard dashboard.location @{dashboard.location} = Dashboard&PortalPath=/users/administrator/_portal 10g/11g - This returns the URL for the location.
dashboard dashboard.description dashboard.description = Sales by region and district 11g
dashboard = Administrator 11g
dashboard.currentPage = Sales page 1 10g/11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentPage.path dashboard.currentPage.path = /users/administrator/_portal/Sales/page 1 10G/11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentpage.currency. name = USD 11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentPage.currency.symbol dashboard.currentPage.currency. symbol = USD 11g
dashboard.currentPage dashboard.currentPage.currency.userPreference dashboard.currentPage.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 2
analysis = $ English - United States 11g
analysis report.currency.symbol report.currency.symbol = $ 11g
analysis report.currency.userPreference report.currency.userPreference = Global Currency 2 11g

You can modify locale variable with the go url and the dashboard url


Dashboard Header

In the dashboard header, you will find also specific system presentation variables:



Documentation / Reference

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