OBIEE 10G/11G - Pivot View

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This view displays results in a pivot table, which provides a summary view of data in cross-tab format.

New in 11g

Pivot tables provide the ability to rotate rows, columns, and section headings to obtain different perspectives of the same data. They are interactive in that they are drillable, expandable, and navigable, providing the perfect vehicle for trending analyses.

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The at sign (@) indicate the value of a column. In a narrative, you use the @n to include the results from the column n in the narrative. @1: value of the first column @2: value of the second...
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OBIEE does not support cross column conditional formatting in Pivot view. For instance, it's not possible to set a red background of a column based on the value of an other column. Below is a workaround...
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Saw Object
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