OBIEE 10G/11G - OBIPS - Privileges

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Privileges control the rights that users have to access the features and functionality of Oracle BI Presentation Services.

Users have the ability to access features and functions that are appropriate to them. User rights are applied in the form of privileges. Example privileges are “Edit systemwide column formats” and “Create agents.”

Users are either granted or denied a specific privilege


The access to BI Presentation Service functionality is defined on this page: http://localhost:9704/analytics/saw.dll?PrivilegeAdmin


The privileges are stored in the catalog in the following file: \root\system\privs.


  • If a user belongs to two Application Roles or Catalog groups and both are granted permissions, then the “least restrictive” permissions are given to the user. Hence the data Security filters across groups will be combined with an OR condition.
  • Explicitly denying a privilege takes precedence over any granted, inherited privilege. For example, if a user is explicitly denied access to the privilege to edit column formulas, but is a member of an application role that has inherited the privilege, then the user cannot edit column formulas.

Documentation / Reference

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