OBIEE 10G/11G - (Ibot|Agent)


IBot (10g) or Agents (11g) deliver targeted analytics to users based on a combination of schedule and trigger event. Delivery can be by a variety of routes, for example to Dashboard Alerts or to e-mail.


Configuration and Metadata



  • Create Agents
  • Publish Agents for Subscription
  • Deliver Agents to Specific or Dynamically Determined Users
  • Chain Agents
  • Modify Current Subscriptions for Agents

To enable users with the Publish Agents for Subscription privilege, which provides the ability to change or to delete an agent, you must grant them the Modify permission to the shared agent objects and child objects in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog

Active agent sessions Monitoring

Using the Manage Agent Sessions page in Oracle BI Presentation Services Administration, you monitor currently active agent sessions that are triggered by Oracle BI Scheduler. For example, you can see a list of active agents per session.

When one or more agent sessions are active, information about each agent session is displayed, such as:

  • the job identifier
  • and the instance identifier.

Expanding the agent session shows the individual agents (one agent, or multiple agents if they are chained). The state of the agent is either Created, Populated, or Conditional Request Resolved.

Expanding a specific agent in a particular session shows the recipients for the agent and their type, such as the Engineering recipients defined in a group, or individual users. When the recipient is a group, the individual members of the group are not listed.


If an agent fails to execute fully or if debugging is turned on in Oracle BI Scheduler, then a log file is generated for the agent.

  • For 10G, on Ibot: OracleBI_Home\server\Log\iBots. See configuration tab of the scheduler to modify it


Documentation / Reference

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