OBIEE - Javascript

1 - About

You can include javascript:

  • inlined with the HTML Markup functionnality
  • in the javascript custom scripts embedded on the Page (UserScript.js)
  • in the data format tab of a column properties

3 - Built-in Functions

3.1 - LinkToPage

Sets the value of the variable saw.bookmarkURL to the bookmark link.



  • bInlineDrill — Set to true if the Page Options button is displayed on the page; otherwise set to false.
  • bGetBookmarkOnly — Set to true to prevent the bookmark URL from being refreshed in the Address Bar of the browser. Set to false (or omit) to allow the bookmark URL to be refreshed in the Address Bar of the browser.

3.2 - GetPURL


Returns the prompted link as a string.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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