OBIEE 10G/11G - Backup


When you need to migrate or to backup an OBIEE installation. You must first know the complete installation process and component involved in order to have a good understanding of all important files.

The best way to backup is to backup the entire server. For instance, you can perform :

  • a complete backup in a quiet period of activity (normally Sunday)
  • and a incremental backup for the rest of the week

If you want to backup only the important files, you can find below a table with all the serious directory with an installation of OC4J standalone as java web server.



In the directory path, you can find this two variables :

Name Description Default Value for a default installation
Oracle_BIHome Installation Location C:\OracleBI
Oracle_BiDataHome Data Location C:\OracleBIData

Be aware that all this location are default location and can be different depending of the installation configuration.

Software Default Directory Type
Oracle BI Server Oracle_BIHome\server\Repository Data
Oracle BI Presentation Server Oracle_BiDataHome\web\catalog Data
Oracle BI Server Oracle_BIHome\server\Config Configuration
Oracle BI Presentation Server Oracle_BiDataHome\web\config Configuration
Oracle BI Presentation Server Oracle_BIHome\web\msgdb\customMessages Configuration
Oracle BI Presentation Server Oracle_BIHome\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res StyleSheet
Oracle BI Presentation Server OracleBIData_Home\web\res StyleSheet / Lanaguage (Localization)
Oracle BI Scheduler Oracle_BiDataHome\scheduler\config\ Configuration

Don't forget the script that are scheduled.

For 11g

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