OBIEE 11G - BI Domain - The complete OBI System

Obi Edition

OBIEE 11G - BI Domain - The complete OBI System


The BI domain designs a complete OBI system.

It consists of:

  • one single WebLogic Domain, containing WebLogic plus all of the Java components that are deployed into one or more Java EE (JEE) containers.
  • one Oracle Instance, containing all of system (non-JEE) components and processes
  • all the necessary software, metadata, configuration files, RPD files, Oracle BI Presentation Catalog, connection and database configuration information that are required to run an Oracle Business Intelligence system.

Obiee11g System Logical Architecture

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Obiee11g Architecture Functional Component
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The Oracle Business Intelligence system logical architecture comprises a single integrated set of manageable components called the Oracle BI domain which can be installed and configured to work together...
Obiee 11.1 Internet Explorer 6 Not Supported
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Open the setSOADomainEnv.cmd file, located in your Update the PORT_MEM_ARGS entry as follows: set PORT_MEM_ARGS=-Xms512m -Xmx1024m Save the file and close. ;-) Oracle®...

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