OBIEE 11G/10G - Administrator Account

Obi Edition


OBIEE Administrator user.



An administrator is a user that belongs to the BIAdministrator role.


The Oracle BI Administrator user account (user ID: Administrator):

  • is a default user account in every Oracle BI repository
  • is created automatically when a repository is created without password assigned to it
  • cannot be deleted. This is a permanent account.
  • cannot be modified other than to change the password and logging level.

It is designed to perform all administrative tasks in a repository, such as:

  • importing physical schemas,
  • creating business models,
  • and creating users and groups.

Any query issued from the Oracle BI Administrator account has complete access to the data; no restrictions apply to any objects.


The Oracle BI Administrator can have as default password:

  • Administrator
  • Admin123

Documentation / Reference

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