OBIEE - Briefing Book

1 - About

A Briefing Book is a collection of static or updatable snapshots of :

It allows that content to be viewed by anyone with Briefing Book reader software.

The Briefing Book provides a way to see content offline, or share it with others.

Briefing Books have the same look and feel as a dashboard page. Multi-page Briefing Books have paging controls and are well-suited for presenting information to others.

Briefing Books provide a way to archive the information in a dashboard and can be saved locally on a user’s desktop.

You can download briefing books in PDF or MHTML format for printing and viewing. You also can update, schedule, and deliver briefing books using agents.

3 - Save Options

3.1 - Updateable

Users have the option to make Briefing Books “updateable” so they can be refreshed with up-to-date information from the corresponding dashboard with a single click on demand.

A briefing book navigation link is a special type of link that can be added to a dashboard using the Dashboard Editor. When a briefing book navigation link is found in content included in a briefing book, the destination content for that link is also included in the briefing book.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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