OBIEE 10G - Advanced Publication with Delivers (In Java)

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Delivers give the possibilities to pass the content of an answer using its advanced option (custom script/program) to a program written in :

The Oracle BI Publisher Java API can then be use with all this functionnality.

For instance, you can push the content to a file server (FTP, WebDav, …)

With Java and the BIP API

SchedulerJavaExtension Interface

Note the following class of the SchedulerJavaExtension interface:

public interface SchedulerJavaExtension {
public void run(SchedulerJobInfo jobInfo) throws SchedulerJobException;
public void cancel();

This interface has two methods: run and cancel. You can implement the interface and plug the compiled class file into the Java Host instance as part of iBot execution. The following table describes the methods:

Method Description
run This method is invoked by the Java Host. It takes one SchedulerJobInfo object (described below), which contains instance related properties like user ID, Job ID, and Instance ID and parameters. In addition, the method is declared to throw SchedulerJobException, which is also described below.
cancel This method is invoked if the Job instance is still running while Scheduler wants to cancel it. User can imbed the resources that clean up the routine.


You can find an lot of java example on how to use the Oracle BI Publisher Java API at the bottom of this page

Obiee Delivers Advanced Java Action

Configuration / Enable custom java actions

Open the Config.xml file under {OracleBI}\web\javahost\config in a text editor. Search for the Scheduler tag and change it as shown below.

+++ ThreadID: 6ec : 2009-05-28 05:47:47.265 Scheduler jobs for ibot custom java actions disabled in javahost config file.

Librairie schedulerrpccalls.jar

In this file, you have also all the class path for the applications.

Example Java Script

This example write an excel file from Delivers in the temp directory of OBIEE.

Don't forget to use the manifest file (see the next section) where you will find all the library path that you need

package sawsched;

 * @author Nicolas



public class ObieePublication implements SchedulerJavaExtension{
	public ObieePublication() {

	public void run(SchedulerJobInfo jobInfo) throws SchedulerJobException {
		String env = "SATEMPDIR";
		String obiee_backupdir = System.getenv(env);
        if (obiee_backupdir != null) {
            System.out.format("%s=%s%n", env, obiee_backupdir);
        } else {
            System.out.format("%s is not assigned.%n", env);
		String OutputFileName;
		OutputFileName = obiee_backupdir + "\\DeliverIbotFile_Job" + jobInfo.jobID() + jobInfo.instanceID() + ".xls";
		FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(jobInfo.getResultSetFile());
		DeliveryManager dm = new DeliveryManager();
		DeliveryRequest req = dm.createRequest(DeliveryManager.TYPE_LOCAL);
		req.addProperty(LocalPropertyDefinitions.LOCAL_DESTINATION, OutputFileName);
	catch(Exception ex)
		throw new SchedulerJobException(1, 1, ex.getMessage());


	public void cancel() {


Manifest Files

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path: sawrpccalls/sawrpccalls.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/aolj.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/xdo.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/xmlparserv2.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/bicmn.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/bipres.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/i18nAPI_v3.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/jewt4.jar sawrpccalls/xmlp5.6.1/

With JavaScript For IbotChaining

For all scripts from chained iBots, the full path name to the temporary file is specified in Parameter(0).

// createResultFile.js
// Copies the results in the temporary file to a new file name
// Parameter(0) = iBot Result File Path
// Parameter(1) = Last Part of Output File Name (no path)
var FSO = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
var fileName = GetConfigurationValue("Log Dir", "iBots") +
"\\" + JobID + "-" + InstanceID + "-" + UserID + "-" +
var fooFile = FSO.CopyFile(Parameter(0), fileName, true);

See the Oracle® Business Intelligence Scheduler Guide - page 52



on Ibot OracleBI_Home\server\Log\iBots See configuration tab of the scheduler to modify it
on javahost OracleBIData_Home\web\log\javahost

Weblogic - File permission

The weblogic process change the file permission with the uname command in the admin script:

  • FMW_HOME\user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/bin/
umask 037

Documentation / Reference

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