Linux - Uname (unix name)


uname (short for unix name) is a software program in Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems that prints the name, version and other details about the current machine and the operating system running on it.


man uname

type q to quit the man page


       uname - print system information

       uname [OPTION]...

       Print certain system information.  With no OPTION, same as -s.

       -a, --all
              print  all  information,  in the following order, except omit -p
              and -i if unknown:

       -s, --kernel-name
              print the kernel name

       -n, --nodename
              print the network node hostname

       -r, --kernel-release
              print the kernel release

       -v, --kernel-version
              print the kernel version

       -m, --machine
              print the machine hardware name

       -p, --processor
              print the processor type or "unknown"

       -i, --hardware-platform
              print the hardware platform or "unknown"

       -o, --operating-system
              print the operating system

       --help display this help and exit

              output version information and exit

Documentation / Reference

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