Linux - How to transfer files between systems (such as Windows and Linux)

1 - About

To transfer file from others system (such as windows) to a Linux server, you have several ways:

  • the use of the file protocol ftp or sftp. (See winscp as software)
  • with the help of Samba
  • from OEL Linux, you can also use the functionality “Connect to server”

3 - Possibilties

3.1 - ftp / sftp Windows Software

Many GUIs exist for windows platforms, that allow ftp manipulations to send files securely from a windows client to a linux ssh server.

  • winscp. Originally, SCP is a command line utility that can copy files (including recursive directories) from one ssh host to another.
  • filezilla

3.2 - With Samba

3.3 - Connect to server functionality

From OEL Linux:

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