Linux - Samba - The Samba Web Administration Tool (swap)


SWAT is a web-based application that help to configure Samba. Swap is installed with the installation of samba.

How to

Get the version

You can verify the installation by performing this command : swat -?

[root@oel11g ~]# swat -?
Usage: swat [OPTION...]
  -a, --disable-authentication       Disable authentication (demo mode)
  -P, --password-menu-only           Show only change password menu

Help options:
  -?, --help                         Show this help message
  --usage                            Display brief usage message

Common samba options:
  -d, --debuglevel=DEBUGLEVEL        Set debug level
  -s, --configfile=CONFIGFILE        Use alternate configuration file
  -l, --log-basename=LOGFILEBASE     Base name for log files
  -V, --version                      Print version

swat answer with the help message.

Locate it

[root@di-obia-01 ~]# whereis swat
swat: /usr/sbin/swat /usr/share/swat /usr/share/man/man8/swat.8.gz


[root@di-obia-01 ~]# find / -name swat -print

Enable it

To enable it, you must modify the file swat located in /etc/xinetd.d/swat by setting no in front of the disable option as :

# default: off
# description: SWAT is the Samba Web Admin Tool. Use swat \
#	       to configure your Samba server. To use SWAT, \
#	       connect to port 901 with your favorite web browser.
service swat
        port            = 901
	socket_type     = stream
	wait            = no
	only_from       = localhost
	user            = root
	server          = /usr/sbin/swat
        server_args     = -a
	log_on_failure += USERID
	disable         = no


  • port is the port of the web administration tool
  • server is the location of the swat binary (locate_it)
  • server_args are the argument of the server. Here -a to disable authentication ;-)
  • disable must set to no to enable

It's a control file with the new style xinetd.

In order to launch your modification, you must restart the xinetd Linux - Service client.

[root@oel11g ~]# service xinetd restart
Stopping xinetd:                                           [  OK  ]
Starting xinetd:                                           [  OK  ]

Once the restart is successful, Swat is accessible via the web-address http://localhost:901. You have to login with the root user.

Samba Swat Homepage


By default, xinetd use SYSLOG to log the message. Then to debug, just restart xinetd and check the messages log with the command below.

tail -f /var/log/messages

Example of problem that you can found:

Jun 12 18:54:27 di-obia-01 xinetd[9696]: Bad value for wait: on [file=/etc/xinetd.d/swat] [line=9]
Jun 12 18:54:27 di-obia-01 xinetd[9696]: Error parsing attribute wait - DISABLING SERVICE [file=/etc/xinetd.d/swat] [line=9]
Jun 12 18:54:27 di-obia-01 xinetd[9696]: attribute server expects 1 values and 2 values were specified [file=/etc/xinetd.d/swat] [line=12]
Jun 12 18:54:27 di-obia-01 xinetd[9696]: Must specify a server in swat

Documentation / Reference

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