Linux - Inittab (/etc/inittab)


System V init examines the /etc/inittab file for an :initdefault: entry, which tells init whether there is a default runlevel. If there is no default runlevel, then the user is dumped to a system console, where a runlevel must be entered manually.

The inittab file describes which processes are started at bootup.

Entry Example

es:2345:respawn:/bin/su - <endeca_user> -c "/absolute/path/to/"


  • es is the inittab entry identifier.
  • 2345 lists the runlevels for which the specified action should be taken.
  • respawn is the action to be taken, which is that the process will be restarted whenever it terminates.
  • /bin/su specifies the process to be executed. In this case, a non-root user will run the command.
  • -c specifies that the command will be run, using the absolute path to the command.

Documentation / Reference

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