Linux - Enable Remote Desktop on Oracle Enterprise Linux / Red Hat with Gnome

1 - About

The Remote Desktop application on Red Hat is Vnc but an other standard way to reach your linux operating system is to use the system X.

3 - How to

3.1 - Set the Remote Desktop Preference

You must allow the remote connection on the desktop by modifying the preferences :

Go to : System / Preferences / Remote Desktop

3.2 - VncViewer - Tight Vnc

Download and install the vnc client of Thight Vnc

3.3 - Set the Firewall Configuration

To permit the entrance of Tight Vnc, you must modify the firewall configuration and add the TCP port 5900 as below.

Go to : System / Application / Security and firewall

3.4 - Connection

Launch vnc client and tape the ip of the linux machine ( to find it ifconfig).

4 - Documentation

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