This page is about the source definition 1) of traffic in a firewalld zone.

The source value can be seen in the zone options

Is an optional empty-element tag and can be used several times.


It's used to bind to a zone:


A source entry has exactly one of these attributes:

  • address=“address[/mask]” - The source is either an IP address or a network IP address with a mask for IPv4 or IPv6. The network family (IPv4/IPv6) will be automatically discovered. For IPv4, the mask can be a network mask or a plain number. For IPv6 the mask is a plain number. The use of host names is not supported.
  • mac=“MAC” - The source is a MAC address. It must be of the form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX.
  • ipset=“ipset” The source is an ipset.

From the command line:


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