Network - Subnet (Network Range)

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A subnet is technically a division of an network by range of ip address

A subnet is also known as:

  • a net range (ie -
  • or a CIDR (different notation - ie

In the internet age, all networks may be considered as subnet.

It is used to represent a subnet of hosts which can be reached over a network interface.


A SubNet is a partially qualified internet address in numeric (dotted quad) form, optionally followed by a slash and the netmask, specified as:

All hosts on a subnet have the same mask.


The world

How to find the net range of a IP

In a whois request, you can see the NetRange back (and the CIDR notation)


NetRange: -



A private subnet has no Internet access and can host the backend systems such as databases or application servers.

See Network - Private Network


A public subnet send and receive traffic directly from the internet.

See Network - Public Network



The maximum size of a network is given by the number of addresses that are possible with the remaining, least-significant bits below the mask prefix. See the mask table


Network - Partition


You can bind a whole subnet on one machine. See subnet binding

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Map Of Internet 1973
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Map Of Internet 1973
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