Network - TCP/IP (Internet Protocol Suite)

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The Internet protocol suite are:

They are network layer protocol that provide end-to-end data communication specifying how data should be:


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Map Of Internet 1973
Ethernet - Frame

A frame or packet frame is the data unit of ethernet that is transmitted between network points with: addressing and necessary protocol control information. A frame is usually transmitted serial...
Netstat Windows
Network - (Internet) Socket (Network identifier)

A socket is session identifier for a network connection to or from which information is transmitted in the network between a server (local machine) and a client (remote machine). It's also known more...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - IP (Internet Protocol)

The IP protocol is part of the Network layer (level 3 of OSI) that gets data and transports them in one or more ip packet. TCP/IP sends a TCP packet known as segment: which is carried in one or more...
Network Simple Route
Network - Route

If you want to use TCP/IP to send a data packet, the network layer (in the OSI layer model or the IP layer) must determine if and how the target IP address can be accessed. The routing information...
Map Of Internet 1973
TCP - Segment

A segment is the data unit of TCP TCP/IP communication a TCP segment is carried in one or more IP packets, which are each carried in one or more Ethernet frames. Maximum_segment_size ...
The port on a computer is part of the location of a service

This article is about the network port, what it is, how we use it and more
Packet Structure Dns Query
What is IP Packet?

ip packet is the name of a data unit for the network layer (level 3 of the OSI model) (ie IP). packet TCP/IP sends a TCP packet known as segment: which is carried in one or more IP packets by the...
Map Of Internet 1973
What is a public IP?

The public IP is the ip address that a service located in a public network will see. At home or at work, you have another IP called the private address. This address is translated by a network translation...

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