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message in Network is a synonym for a packet or its body known as the payload.


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File - File

A file is a logical representation of multiple block that can be accessed and manipulated at once by a program. Generally, a file is stored in a durable in the sense that it remains available for programs...
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IO - unit of storage

Unit of storage of data. See also : The smallest unit of computer storage is a byte, which represents 8 bits. Then a block contains byte Then, the following data storage structure are made...
Map Of Internet 1973
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

The are message used to: exchange information, and error information in the Internet Protocol (IP). address-unreachable bad-header beyond-scope communication-prohibited destination-unreachable...
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Language - Binding (IPC)

Binding / Talking method between language. Generally, service communication uses a REST approach with HTTP and TCP protocols and XML or JSON as the serialization format. From an interface perspective,...
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NetWork - Interface

in Network. A network interface is a system: software and/or hardware (NIC)) interface between: two pieces of equipment or protocol layers (see socket) in a computer network. A network...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Message Delivery Properties (multiplicity)

message delivery multiplicity Messages may be lost Messages never delivered Messages will never be lost but messages may be redelivered Messages are never lost Messages are never...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Payload

The payload is the part of transmitted data that is the actual intended message. The payload excludes any headers or metadata sent solely to facilitate payload delivery. The term is borrowed from transportation,...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Remote Transfer Application Protocols / Remote File Access (Http, Ftp, Scp, )

Network - Remote Transfer Application Protocols / Remote File Access (Http, Ftp, Scp, ) ... This page is applications that implements a protocol to transfer/transport data: from a remote services...
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Network - TLS

TLS is a cryptographic protocol and the successor to SSL, and is described in the 2246RFC 2246 standard. The protocol name was changed from SSL to TLS when it became a standard. TLS is a protocol that...
Map Of Internet 1973

This page is the model that describes the layers of the internet for data transmission. Level Name Data unit Description Protocol 7 Application layer Message Higher level (Resource Sharing,...

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