Network - Software and Troubleshooting Tools

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List of software related to networking.


TCP/IP Troubleshooting Tools

Tools Description
packet sniffer See Network - Trace (Capture|Sniffer|Analyzer) Tool (Packet Analysis)
Arp View the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache on the interface of the local computer to detect invalid entries.
Hostname Display the host name of the computer.
Ipconfig Display current TCP/IP network configuration values, and update or release Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allocated leases, and display, register, or flush Domain Name System (DNS) names.
Nbtstat Check the state of current NetBIOS over TCP/IP connections, update the NetBIOS name cache, and determine the registered names and scope ID.
Netstat Display statistics for current TCP/IP connections.
Netdiag Check all aspects of the network connection.
Nslookup Check records, domain host aliases, domain host services, and operating system information by querying Internet domain name servers. Nslookup is discussed in detail in “Windows 2000 DNS” in this book.
Pathping Trace a path to a remote system and report packet losses at each router along the way.
Ping Send ICMP Echo Requests to verify that TCP/IP is configured correctly and that a remote TCP/IP system is available.
Route Display the IP routing table, and add or delete IP routes.
Tracert Trace a path to a remote system.

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