Network - Address Space

Map Of Internet 1973

Network - Address Space


The address space is the number of possible ip address of a network.

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Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Private Network

A private network has no Internet access whereas a public one has. A private network is also known as private subnet A private subnet connect a host to the Internet without exposing their private IP...
What is IPv4?

ipv4 is the IP at the version 4 because it has 4 bytes.. Example: The host identifier of an IPv4 address is represented: in the form nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, where nnn is a number...
Map Of Internet 1973
What is a Network? or IP Network (Ip Address Space)

An IP network is a set of computer communicating with the TCP/IP (internet protocol suite). The network of all network is called the Internet In the internet age, all networks may be considered as subnet....

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