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ping is an ICMP utility that helps you check routing, not access control.

List of ping software

ping (ipv4)

  • inetutils ping
apt-get install inetutils-ping

nping (benchmark)

Network - nping (benchmark)

ping6 (ipv6)

for ipv6



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DNS - nslookup command line

Nslookup is a DNS client program to query (ie lookup) domain name servers and get back DNS record information nslookuphost fileping Nslookup has two modes: The local DNS file is /etc/resolv.conf...
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DNS clients - A list of client that can query the DNS database

A DNS client is an application that calls the resolver to query name database in order to perform forward lookup (IP from name) or reverse lookup(Name from IP). This page lists this application
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MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) is the largest size of an Ethernet frame (data packet) that can be sent across a point-to-point connection MTU parameters usually appear in association with a communications...
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Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

The are message used to: exchange information, and error information in the Internet Protocol (IP). address-unreachable bad-header beyond-scope communication-prohibited destination-unreachable...
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A DNS lookup is a request to a DNS server in order to get DNS record from a DNS name a A query will get you a ipv4 address a AAAA query will get you the ipv6 address a TXT query will get your a...
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This page talks the IP address with the IPv6 format. Below is an example of an Ipv6 address: The main difference between IPv4 and IPv6 is the number of possible addresses. IPv6 was introduced in...
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MTR is a network software with traceroute and ping capability Port 22
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List of software related to networking. TCP/IP Troubleshooting Tools Tools Description packet sniffer See Arp View the ARP (Address...
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host - a simple utility for performing DNS lookups

host is a simple utility for performing DNS lookups. It is normally used to convert names to IP addresses and vice versa.

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