TCP - Segment

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A segment is the data unit of TCP

For a TCP/IP communication over Ethernet,


Maximum Size


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Ethernet - Frame

A frame or packet frame is the data unit of ethernet that is transmitted between network points with: addressing and necessary protocol control information. A frame is usually transmitted serial...
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Network - Data unit

A buffer in Networking is called a data unit. When data is sent across a network, it is sent as thousands of small chunks called data unit, so that many different users can download the same data at the...
Ethernet Cables
Network - Ethernet

Ethernet is a LAN technology part of the Data link layer (OSI level 2) that creates ethernet packet known as frame that are carried out physically by ethernet cables. TCP/IP sends a TCP packet known...
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Network - transport layer

The transport layer is the 4 layer in the OSI model and is the following data unit: segment (TCP) datagram (UDP) They just transport bits from one host to another. In this layer, the protocol...
Packet Structure Dns Query
What is IP Packet?

ip packet is the name of a data unit for the network layer (level 3 of the OSI model) (ie IP). packet TCP/IP sends a TCP packet known as segment: which is carried in one or more IP packets by the...
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What is a Network Packet?

A network packet or packet is a generic term given to a data unit that is in the layer 3,4 or 5 of the OSI model. in the data link layer, a ethernet packet is a frame packet in the Network Layer,...
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What is the Internet Protocol (IP)?

The IP protocol is a Network layer protocol (level 3 of OSI) that: gets data and transports them in one or more ip packet. is used by protocols like UDP and TCP (known also as TCP/IP). TCP/IP sends...
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What is the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model)?

This page is the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model that describes layers for data transmission. The elements of each layer are: the level the data unit the protocol Level Name ...

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